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Hiperco was born in 1961, consequence of the diversification of the company started by Ángel Pérez Cortés, which used to make preserves, paprika and spices.

However, the business tradition of the Pérez family goes back to 1878. Nearly a century and a half of continuous adaptation are a sign of permanent answers to the modern consumer.

Located in Espinardo, Murcia, Hiperco commercializes drugstore products for somestic use. Firmly aimed at the final user, each insecticide, cleaner or air freshener is conceived from the needs of the home or workplace. This is the company (the family) vision, and we are constantly growing, constantly offering the highest quality across our product range.


Publicity sheet from the early 1950s showing the commercial activity of Angel Pérez Cortés, and the brands that he sold in those days.


This is the start of the sharing out of the inheritance which Doña Josefa and Don Antonio Pérez Zaragoza received from their grandfather in 1877.